Making cyber security and HIPAA compliance automated and affordable.

No need to be an expert when our automated program easily guides you through your annual Security Risk Assessment.

Results generate step-by-step corrective actions that let you monitor correction activities in real time.

Policies and procedures are updated.

Receive employee training with certification and completion tracking. 

Manage cyber risk instead of it managing you.

With an average breach costing a practice hundreds of thousands of dollars, you are one breach away from potential disaster.

Anti-virus software is not enough. Most electronic medical records are not HIPAA compliant and 67% of breaches are actually related to employee behavior. Updated Policies and Procedures, employee HIPAA training and an accurate Security Risk Assessment using CyberCompass™ are the best way to protect yourself and your clients.

Get started by selecting the plan that fits your organization!

Run your business with Cyber Confidence℠.

Managing cyber risk and compliance goes beyond technology.  We offer a complete set of cyber risk management services to help you become cyber confident.  From easy and affordable HIPAA self guided Security Risk Assessments to complete cyber security scans and virtual CISO services, we cover your needs.



Start with cybersecurity scans and a proper risk assessment to gauge where your organization currently stands.


Simple step by step prioritized remediation action guides to harden systems and engage employees.


Complete on-demand tool with reporting, dashboard, storage and vendor agreement management.
Proper cyber risk management spans people, processes and technology.





TMLT cyber risk management experts work with your organization to determine your risk for data breaches related to medical privacy and data, and to identify threats and vulnerabilities. The assessment can help you comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and Texas medical privacy and security laws. Our team can also provide you with resources to help you address these risks, including but not limited to, policy and procedure templates and training options.

Self-assessment Assistance

Contact: TMLT Cyber Consulting Services
Phone: 1-800-580-8658
Email: Cathy Bryant